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T.N.R II by  Deji West

I haven’t blogged for a while so this is my update tonight.

I have been so busy at work preparing for an AGM …. excruciating going through a 120 page annual report combing our typos and worrying about formats etc.

My highlights from the Saturday club ride was that it was challenging in the B group and we thinned to just 5 by the time we ended… a few guys racked up…. including the beauty queen Vickolo. It was also a very disciplined ride.

I went past the house I lived in when I was 12 years old on Adeniran Ogunsanya St and on the Lekki axis 40 years later… the house where I live now… wow! Exactly 40 years later!

I did 4BLs (Bourdillon loops) on Monday with my coach the Fizz … the only one from the silly hour crew…. and did not come out on Wednesday… rain….. shame… it was great to see Femsho & Solipizzle pounding the roads with their knees.

Femsho is not normal…. the guy is simply iron man built like an Ox. He must have pounced 2BLs.  I must confess that I later had some delicious Rosalita   igbinskudus…

It was not a big crew today.  Even my co-board member, the Air Walker was not present neither was the Faizometer… it was also strange to take off without the Coldstone Slammer … FB the Juggernaut…

A small peloton set off the included Heglus Neglus the goddess of Bourdillon, the TLegend the legendary kiloclocker, GD1, Lere, Femotee, Femi O, and Lamide who had a puncture before we even started…. we had to change his tyre before we started…

Motowanbo was praying in his car as we set-off… I should have known it was a sign of things to come.

We set off over the LLB and by the time we came back on the other side we had lost Lamide… poor fella…

It was not your usual TNR but nevertheless challenging… the beginning of the second loop Motowanbo joined us as we were cooling… he immediately complained .. “What’s happening, why are you so slow”… within moments he was upfront and my thighs said.. “Hello hello”… by the end of the SS on the  way to the FE… the other faster TeePee joined us… the peloton moved at 35kmh constantly… na wa….

On the 3rd loop from the DG house…. Motowanbo invited me ride upfront with him.  I really liked the way he encouraged me even the clicks started going I was able to charge to 40kmh but no more…. its really shameful to see me doing such a sustained speed and nevertheless the entire peloton overtook me… na real wa.

On the 3rd loop the Coldstone Slammer joined us.. he had been hampered by a puncture just as he was coming out to TNR…. it took him an hour to change the tyre.  I won’t even have a clue what to do if I had a puncture.

FB is gonna be requesting some trialing on this.  I look forward to that as I will be the first in the class….

As usual, the peloton left me behind many times but I had to grit it to catch up… on one occasion it was impossible to catch up… but the Legend slowed to give me a draft…#GREATGUY.

By the 4th we had really thinned out to 6 riders.  We kinda closed after the 5th… I was happy to have 60kms on my Garmin.

I have been having probs with my Garmin as I am unable to sync my last few rides.  Na wa… I will research this on the Internet if nobody knows.  My Garmin connects and goes through the sync routine but my rides are not updated… however I see the rides on the unit but not on the Garmin Connect.

FB had a “come home” call… so did I…. these wives sha… they should be lucky we are not golfers…. they wont even see our brake lights at the weekends.

Heglus Neglus is away for just over a month… we wish you all the best as you take to the skies.

I really enjoyed it tonight…. Vickola… I no see u ooooooo….