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Cycology is a not-for-profit, purpose-driven cycling club with members spanning professionals in diverse fields.

Our members cycle for many reasons including health, competitive sport and environmental allegiance i.e. clean form of transformation. Regardless of the reasons, we all share the joy of cycling.

How do I join the club?

Cycology is open to any professional with an interest in cycling. To apply follow the steps below:

1. Fill in the request membership form which can be found here.

2. If approved, you will be required to pay the one-off membership sign up fee and annual subscription fee (as indicated in the follow-up email).

How much are club dues?

You will be notified of this when you apply for membership

At what pace are the rides?

The pace varies depending on the Group, Terrain, Traffic and Weather conditions. However, we adopt the following speed bands for the groups:

  1. A – a steady 35+kph, with no upper limit (as the captain and riders decide)
  2. B Fast – a steady 33-35kph. There will be stretches above 35kph
  3. B Steady – a steady 30-33kph. There may be stretches above 33kph
  4. C – a steady 25-30kph
  5. D – a steady 20-25kph
  6. E – a steady 15-20kph

Each rider is required to assess their ability on the day and choose the appropriate group. New riders who are unsure of their capabilities are typically advised to join either groups D or E. A ‘Support and Gear’ (SAG) vehicle accompanies each group, for safety.

There are also sections of each ride where the tradition is for faster riding and sprints. During these segments of the club ride, the pace can be in excess of 40 kph, depending on the group.

How many km are the rides?

Our Saturday club ride is typically 70km and above for groups A-C and about 50km for group D and 35km for group E.

Can I participate in the Club events without being a member?

Club events are open to club members ONLY. The exception to this are “One-off“ campaigns and races that the club organises during the year. At such events, participation is open to the public. Alternatively, you can participate in the  ‘Coffee Ride’, which happens a minimum of twice a year.

What is a Coffee Ride?

A Coffee Ride is an initiative of the club to encourage non-members to participate in cycling. It is usually at a gentle pace and short distance and terminates at a coffee place, where people can relax and socialise. For more details, please contact us.

What time does the club ride?

Official Cycology rides take place every Saturday from either 6.00am (hot season) or 6.15am (cool season) prompt. Unofficial rides take place every morning or evening as members see fit.

Is there a minimum number of rides I am required to participate in?

Yes. Each member is required to participate in a minimum of 6 rides a year.

Can I get a jersey if I’m not in the club, and if I’m in the club, can I buy a jersey for someone else?

You must be a member or affiliate, to purchase a jersey for yourself or anyone else.

Where can I get a bicycle?

Cycology does not rent out or sell bicycles but you can visit one of the stores below:

Cycle Hub Plus (sales and rentals)

47, Raymond Njoku Road
Ikoyi, Lagos
Tel: 0709 341 7127

Xbikes (sales and rentals)

24b Onikepo Akande Street
Off Admiralty Way (By Diamond Bank)
Lekki Phase 1, Lagos
Tel: 0809 255 8645

Cycle Shop

Mayamaya Plaza by FirstBank
Osapa London
Lekki Express Way
Tel: 0816 816 8376

If I have a question, which is not answered in this FAQ, who do I contact?

Fill out the Contact Us form in the contact us page and we will get back to you.