Code of Conduct


  • Promote the club’s spirit by riding together and in the club jersey whenever possible or as advised.
  • Greet fellow members, and other cyclists, when you pass them, in a polite and friendly manner.
  • Particular care should be taken to make every visitor or first time rider feel welcome.
  • At the start of a ride, the ride captain should welcome first timers and guests and ensure that they will be looked after.
  • Club members are expected at all times, to treat other club members, other cyclists, motorists and other road users, with the utmost respect.
  • Any conduct that is unlawful, that may bring the club or its sponsors into disrepute or could be an embarrassment, is prohibited.
  • Our behaviour to other road users and the public at large, is of great importance.
  • We encourage courteous cycling in the interest of all concerned.
  • We ride responsibly, avoiding any actions that could jeopardise the safety of fellow cyclists.
  • We are expected to respect and be courteous to fellow road users, both vehicles and pedestrians. This means no verbal altercations or obscene gestures
  • We stop at red traffic lights, junctions and approach to all intersections
  • We do not litter the environment with empty energy sachets, punctured tubes or chocolate wrappers.
  • We never leave club members with a puncture or mechanical fault alone on the side of the road, during official club rides. At least one other club member or professional cyclist, is expected to stay behind to assist or wait until the SAG vehicle arrives.
  • We follow the instructions of designated Cycology Ride Captains and Marshals at all times.
  • We wear our sponsor’s colours and club jerseys on all organised races and club rides.
  • Members are required to participate in a minimum of 6 rides in a calendar year to maintain club membership, and attend at least one club function or breakfast in a calendar year.
  • Do not swear, make rude gestures or act aggressively towards motorists who you feel have done something wrong. This leads to possible conflict and escalation, which can taint cyclists in the eyes of other road users.

As a Cycology Riding Club member (Cycologist), you are expected to adhere to this code of conduct. Failure to do so, may result in disciplinary action, and expulsion from the club.