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T.N.R II by  Deji West

I haven't blogged for a while so this is my update tonight. I have been so busy at work preparing for an AGM .... excruciating going through a 120 page annual report combing our typos and worrying about formats etc. My highlights from the Saturday club ride was that it was challenging in the B group and we thinned to just 5 by the time we ended... a few ... More

T.N.R I  by  Deji West

This is too bad. It's 3:40  and I still can't sleep.  It's gonna be matchsticks to hold open my eyes at work tomorrow.... na wa. I arrived late at TNR after spending the early evening in church praying with my wife.  Well guess what TNR coincided with our 13th wedding anniversary. As I arrived, the traditional group photo was being taken.  I screamed ... More


Having heard the word "Zone" at least three times in the last one week, it became time to talk about it.  Or rather, find out more about it.It would appear that Zone 2 and Zone 3 are magic numbers but we will get to that later.Training Zones are not unique to the cyclist, but it is important to understand and eventually imbibe them to become better ... More

Is There Not a Cause?

In October 2013, Cycology worked with the Rotary Club to ride for Polio which as at 2014 has just 6 cases in Nigeria.  Nigeria remains one of a very short list of countries in the world where there is still any Polio, maybe because there is still a lot of resistance to vaccination in some parts.  Complete eradication of the disease which mostly affects ... More

Cape Argus – Let The Games Begin

In 1977 when Bill Mylrea and John Stegmann organized a protest ride, what they called the “Big Ride-In”, their sole aim was to draw attention to the need for cycle paths in Cape Town, South Africa.  The event attracted hundreds of cyclists including the Mayor of Cape Town at the time.  The name “Cape Argus” was to come later, borrowed from a local ... More